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100% Money Back Guarantee

We set out to make the most advanced, high-quality products. That’s why you’re always protected by our “Peace of Mind Promise.”

Which means if you don’t experience a significant improvement to your energy levels and digestion, you can send back your jars for a full purchase price refund - even if they’re empty! Any time within 90 days.


What’s Inside Every Jars

How Pure Is Essential Organics?

Here at Physical Nutrition, we put quality above all else. So we make sure all of our products are rigorously tested for purity, potency, and freshness. And above the "How Will I Know It's Working?" question on the "Getting Started" tab, please add the following copy:

How To Use

The best thing about Essential Organics is the number of ways you can take it! Try adding one scoop daily to your tea, coffee, or morning bowl of porridge. Any non-dairy hot drink or food source…or even just water. For a rapid boost to your body’s performance. We suggest taking it as part of an active lifestyle

Getting Started

Can I Take This With A Multivitamin or Other Medications?

We always recommend consulting with your doctor before adding any new supplements to your health regime.

How Will I Know It's Working?

Everyone’s body is different, so individual results will vary. Fortunately, the powerful nutrients in Essential Organics are proven to supercharge energy and reduce fatigue in just days. That said, we suggest you let them work for 3-4 weeks to experience the maximum impact of this remarkable blend.

Customer Reviews

Working amazing!

“I have been taking this for a few weeks and felt more energy in the afternoon, alongside my classes I have lost weight. I’m not as bloated either. With two sons this does help me keep up with them on days out!”

Julie C. – Nov 2, 2021

Verified Reviewer

Feels Great

“If you are looking for a healthy boost, try Essential Organics. It’s so easy to get everything I need in one scoop. The flavour wouldn’t be my first but is not bad and enjoyable when mixed in different foods. All in all great choice!”

Richard B. – Nov 2, 2021

Verified Reviewer

Feeling A Turnaround

“After using Essential Organics for a short period, I feel way more alert and have a huge increase in energy. My after dinner digestion has improved a lot also. So I’m overall much happier. High recommendations.”

Barry T. – Nov 2, 2021

Verified Reviewer

Essential Organics

“This is my first month’s update on your green drink. I’ve lost about 3 lbs and definitely noticed an uptick in my digestion. My energy levels are up quite a lot and I can go for longer walks.”

Elizabeth L. – Nov 2, 2021

Verified Reviewer

Energy & Digestion

“I have not yet finished my first canister but I love this product! It’s helped me get a big boost of energy. I take it every morning with breakfast without fail. In the first week I began seeing a change with my digestive system. Then I lost a small bit of weight. All the time my daily energy kept improving. I eat good food but have struggled in the past with getting over some personal hurdles. The taste is bland, not strong, so can drink it fast.”

Christina R. – Nov 2, 2021

Verified Reviewer

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