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Do you buy your dog treats?

If so, this could be the most important thing you read this year...

Because with HUNDREDS on the market…
How do you know which treat is best for your dog?

Well the sad truth is…

There’s no such thing as a healthy dog treat.

In fact, most are a nutritional nightmare.

And even though they say “natural” on the packaging,

they’re FULL of artificial ingredients

Harmful fillers causing long-term health problems,

even in small doses.

That’s why today, I’m going to explain how…

even so-called “healthy” treats can do SERIOUS damage to your dog’s health.

And show you the one thing you can do to keep any dog safe and healthy.

As you know, I’m Dr. Michael Lazaris

a leading London vet and dog health expert...

I graduated in Veterinary Medicine from Edinburgh University, and studied Zoology at Liverpool. Both ranked in the Top 10 vet schools worldwide.

In the last decade alone, I’ve successfully treated over 15,900 dogs…

Become Chief Vet for Take A Break Pets Magazine, and featured on BBC News, Channel 5, and more.

Where I share simple things you can do at home to improve your dog’s health and happiness.

That’s why I’m going to reveal the “dog treat tragedy” happening right under your nose:

5 “hidden problems” affecting most popular dog treats today.

As well as which treats you should throw away immediately…

And the SINGLE HEALTHIEST dog treat ingredient...

Hidden Problem #1

Animal Byproducts...

Pet companies are putting dangerous animal byproducts in treats

And because there’s a TRAGIC lack of pet food laws in this country… The government lets it happen. Animal by-products include:

  • Blood
  • Brains
  • Spleen
  • Kidneys
  • Horns
  • Hooves
  • Hair
  • Feathers...

Which are much cheaper than real meat.

But there’s another key difference. They’re “unfit for human consumption.”

So how can they be safe for your dog?...

Well, the short answer is - they’re not.

Because on top of being “slaughterhouse offcuts”...

These foods can LEGALLY come from roadkill,

diseased animals… And even euthanized ones.

Which could mean they contain anything from

insecticide…to poison.

Hidden Problem #2

The “Ancestral Dog Diet”...

Hidden Problem #2 is the fact your dog’s treats don’t match the “Ancestral Dog Diet.”

You see,

Most dog treats are NOTHING like the foods dogs eat in the wild.

Yet many - like wolves - live much longer than domestic dogs.

And given dogs and wolves share 99.9% of their DNA…

This can’t be for biological reasons. Plus, your dog

has access to the most advanced vet care in history…

So there’s something else going on.

A dietary difference that helps wolves live longer.

A simple ingredient, containing everything they need to not just survive…But thrive.

Yet this one natural food is sadly overlooked by most pet companies.

Whose chosen ingredients barely meet MINIMUM requirements for nutrients. Which brings me to:

Hidden Problem #3

Missing Nutrition...

Behind closed doors…

Greedy pet companies dry treats at high temperatures to cut

costs and maximise profits.

But This Destroys Key Nutrients…

Damages the environment...

And can help “bad bacteria” infect your dog,

Causing inflammation, stomach pain, and a

weakened immune system.

3 key warning signs for the biggest canine killers…

Arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. Issues made worse by:

Hidden Problem #4

Empty Calories...

Most treats are FULL of empty calories, which means they fill

your dog up without giving them the nutrients they need.

And not only that…

They pump your dog full of sugars and fats which they can’t

digest properly....

Causing spiralling weight gain,

blood sugar spikes…

And often, inflammation. But that’s not all…

Because your dog eats meat like beef, chicken, and pork regularly…

This could mean they’re “overexposed” to these common treat ingredients.

But this overexposure is one of the top causes of a weakened immune system.

And can form new food allergies - which 1 in 5 dogs already suffer from.

On top of “blood-red” itching…

Another serious problem, which THOUSANDS of dogs struggle with daily.

Hidden Problem #5

Chemical Additives

These “killer compounds” include sugars, sweeteners, and toxic chemical dyes.

Designed to keep your dog ADDICTED…

and begging for more.

Plus, if your dog eats too many treats as a result…

They could face uncontrollable weight gain.

But with 51% of UK dogs struggling with obesity…

This is already an epidemic.

These chemicals include Pyrophosphate - otherwise known as “canine crack”...

As well as Cadaverine - the scent of rotting flesh. Both proven to be toxic in large doses.

So to sum up…

The 5 hidden problems in most modern dog treats are:

  • 1.

    They’re Full Of “Empty Calories,” And Could Cause Serious Allergies

  • 2.

    Most Popular Treats Contain POISONOUS Animal Byproducts

  • 3.

    They Don’t Match The “Ancestral Dog Diet,” Which Could Add YEARS To Your Dog’s Life

  • 4.

    Nutrients Are Destroyed During Manufacturing, Leaving Your Dog At Risk

  • 5.

    Many Treats Are Hiding “Killer” Chemical Additives, Which Can Cause Terminal Problems

Meaning no matter what they tell you on the label…

Your dog’s treats are putting their health at risk.

But one sick dog is too many. And treats help you be the best pet parent you can be…

Plus, I know how hard it is to resist your dog’s “puppy eyes”...

So I set about finding a solution. Because I knew millions of dogs

could benefit from a truly healthy treat.

A delicious, nutritious alternative…

For guilt-free good health. Allergy defence. And complete dietary support.

So I put together a:

Checklist for the “perfect” dog treat…

  • 100% Natural
  • ZERO Chemical Additives
  • Low Fat
  • High Protein
  • Nutrient-Rich
  • Eco-Friendly

But the truth is...

There’s a reason nobody’s done this before. Because making a treat like this...

Simple, yet healthy, natural, nutritious, and ticking all the boxes above…

Would take a LOT of work.

But with dog owners asking me daily, I knew it couldn’t wait.

And after several months poring over clinical trials and studies…

And long nights of research and testing…

I finally found what I was looking for.

The ULTIMATE “protein powerhouse” wolves eat in the wild…

Wolves live FOUR years longer than domestic dogs. Yet their genes are nearly identical…
So what’s the difference?
Well, it all comes down to one crucial thing:
Their diet.
You see, most wolves eat what’s called the
“Ancestral Dog Diet.”
With one simple ingredient - raw meat.

Raw meat is the BEST natural source of protein.

A crucial part of muscle-building and “lean mass retention”… Which is proven to slash your dog’s risk of disease…

And could even give you more time with your best friend.

In fact, one study from Cambridge University found maintaining

muscle mass could extend your dog’s life by up to 5 YEARS!

With 1 in 3 dogs that did so living to 15.6.

And 89.7% of the dogs studied reaching the ripe old age of 12.

So it could add years to your dog’s life too.

If only more treats were made out of it!

But sadly…

Pet companies are selling to YOU, not your dog.

Cutting corners when it comes to ingredient quality…

And putting profit over your dog’s health.

Because on top of using the wrong ingredients…

They’re also adding too much energy to your dog’s treats.

After all, it is cheaper to do so.

But according to the “10% Rule”...treats should NEVER

exceed 10% of a dog’s daily calories.

Yet dog biscuits have 16%, and rawhide treats? An alarming 25%.

Leaving your dog at greater risk of:

  • Heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Strokes
  • …and even cancer.

Which can all be death sentences for your dog.

And they’re not the only problem…

70% of all pet food health warnings are for “contaminated dog chews”...

With many containing Melamine, which can cause kidney failure.

And Aflatoxins, found in grains, bones, and meat meal…

Which could lead to stomach problems, WEEPING sores…

and even Blood Poisoning.

A life-threatening condition - which can often be invisible!

So you might not even see the infection that sparks it.

In short, most dog treats are terrible for your dog. And with no “quick fix” in sight…

I knew I had to do something. Because NO dog deserves this.

But first, it’s important you know…

It’s not your fault.

Sadly, the truth has just now come to light.

But I know you’d do anything to help your dog live a happier, healthier life…

Which means you need a HEALTHY way to show them you love them.

Plus reward good behaviour, teach them new tricks…

And give them extra nutrients! So I read every study, report, and article I could get my hands on…

Before I finally found it.

The single healthiest dog treat ingredient:


A “high-value” protein with remarkable health
benefits. Yet most pet companies use cheaper, lower-quality meats instead.

So what makes venison better?

For one, venison...

Has a whopping 5 TIMES as many
Omega 3s as beef.

For stopping weight gain, high heart rate, and blood pressure.

As well as supporting “good bacteria,” keeping down cholesterol…

And even stopping nerve damage. But it’s not just Omegas your dog needs to stay healthy…

Your dog needs 50% more protein as they age.

Because in older dogs, protein breaks down faster than it’s made…

Which could cause them to waste away. Known as sarcopenia - or age-related muscle loss…

This puts your dog at increased risk of joint pain, obesity, low energy…

And can even spell the end.

So it’s a good thing…

Venison is PACKED with Protein.

And not just any protein.

Venison is a “novel protein,” which means it’s much less likely to give your dog allergies.

Plus, it builds a “storage bank” of amino acids in your dog’s body. Helping them make

blood cells, immune cells, and muscle tissue…

Which, combined with

Venison’s “Body-Boosting”
B Vitamins…

Are essential for your dog’s long-term health. Specifically digestion, immunity, and

These amazing nutrients include Riboflavin - which helps make antibodies…

Niacin, for reducing inflammation…

And Pyridoxine, for a “bulletproof” immune system.


Venison is rich in Iron, Phosphorus, and Zinc

A powerful trio of “miracle minerals.”

Phosphorus, for instance, reduces allergies, stops itching…

And protects against blood loss and kidney disease. Which kills around 60% of dogs
diagnosed with it.

Plus, Phosphorus helps maintain bone density! And “detoxify” your
dog’s insides…

Two crucial parts of helping them stay healthy as they age.

But while many common foods contain Phosphorus, like:






Venison is the best source around - providing up to 32% of your dog’s daily intake.

The second “miracle mineral” is Zinc. A key player in digestion, wound healing,
and skin and coat health.

Found in duck, sardines, fish oil, broccoli, and spinach…

Zinc could help your dog regain their “puppy energy,” and stop them slowing down.

Then the third mineral - Iron - helps reduce allergies and eliminate itching.

As well as smoothing digestion, improving lung capacity…

And even lowering heart rate!

But there’s something you should know...

Most of the foods I mentioned are allergens. Because there’s too much of them in your dog’s diet already.

So to give your dog all these health benefits - with NO allergies from overexposure…

Give them venison.

And if you’re still not convinced…

Gram-for-gram, venison has FAR fewer calories than many other meats.

Including beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and turkey. Plus, venison has less fat, more nutrients…

And a lower carbon footprint than factory-farmed meats. Which speed up climate change by releasing greenhouse gases - like Carbon Dioxide and Methane. Studies have shown that venison’s impact is 38% lower than beef…and 49% lower than lamb. A remarkable difference.

But before you rush out to the pet shop…let’s talk about what you’re buying.

The biggest problem is that most venison comes from other countries…

Like Scotland and New Zealand.

Meaning it has to travel a LONG way to make it to your dog’s bowl.

Which is expensive, bad for the environment…

And could even contaminate the meat.

Because, if it touches other animal products on the way…

Or isn’t kept at exactly the right temperature…

The meat can get INFECTED with parasites. Like toxoplasma,

which could give your dog jaundice, blindness…And even seizures.

So for a while, I thought I’d hit a dead end…

Until I found a British venison supplier!

A family farm in Devonshire, with a healthy herd
of free-roaming deer.

Eating the most nutritious grasses…

And making MOUTHWATERING, “human-grade” meat. Which I couldn’t wait to tell my clients about…

But there was still a problem - raw meat goes off quickly.

So to guarantee freshness, and maintain the meat’s nutrition…

I needed a miracle.

That’s When I Found A Long-Lost NASA Secret… For Lasting Freshness And “Locked-In” Nutrition

Let me explain...

For years, astronauts struggled to keep food fresh
in space. Let alone keep it safe and “complete”...

Until one day, they found a method which…

Improved freshness, and kept 97% of nutrients.

Where standard processing only retains 60%.

So what is this “magic method”?


Freeze-drying keeps food fresh, high-quality…
and kills harmful bacteria.

As well as increasing “bioactivity,” which helps
ensure potency. And boosts colour, texture, and taste.

Resulting in the most delicious, nutritious foods.

So I looked EVERYWHERE for a freeze-drying lab…

When finally, I found a facility in the UK. So I tested the sample they sent me…

And couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Because not only was it the healthiest meat I’d ever seen…it stayed fresh for longest.

But I knew the proof would be in the pudding. So I gave my venison to some willing clients…

Who all shared the same incredible story.

Their dogs were happier, healthier, and better-behaved - in just days!

They loved the flavour, and had BOUNDLESS energy.

As well as shiny skin, glossy coats,
and no more nasty allergies.

It was then I knew I’d found something special.

I just needed to make it accessible, and affordable…
so all dogs could benefit. So we did just that.

And I’m thrilled to share the result with you today.

It is, I believe, is the world’s most nutritious dog treat...

Alpha Bites!

A Premium, Freeze-Dried,
Venison Treat For Dogs.
With 100% Devonshire Grass-Fed Deer

Alpha Bites is the first ever treat to combine premium, grass-fed venison with advanced freeze drying technology.

A delicious hit of natural nutrition, sourced from a farm we know and trust… Right here in the UK!

Then expertly freeze-dried to “lock in” the benefits. Because your dog deserves a treat that works for them - not against them.
And keeps the taste, without adding waste.

Starting with the “novel proteins” in venison. Proven to reduce food allergies, restore muscle, and improve immune health.

Together with a powerful dose of Omega 3s… For “flushing out” cholesterol. Meaning lower heart rate, blood pressure, and risk of stomach problems.

Then we’ve got B Vitamins - potent supernutrients for your dog’s inner health.

Next, a trio of “mighty minerals”
- Iron, Zinc, and Phosphorus.

Iron - for allergies and skin disease.
Zinc - for smooth digestion and a glossy, glowing coat.
And Phosphorus - for bones, teeth, and a “whole-body” detox.

But that’s not all.

Our UK venison is remarkably lean. For mass retention, weight management, and “maximum impact.” But your dog will love the gamey flavour best. And because we freeze-dry our venison fresh…

Now - you’re likely wondering how much this incredible treat will cost?
Well, I have good news for you here too...
You see, when I first told people about this “wonder-treat”…
They went out and bought the meat themselves!
Which cost a small fortune. However - after seeing the results…
Most said they were happy to pay it.
But we’ll NEVER use imported meat. Which lets us sell directly to dog owners like you.

So I’m excited to tell you we’re now able to offer Alpha Bites at an unbelievably low price.
Today, Alpha Bites is available for a retail price of £24.99

But because you’ve made it this far, I know you’re
serious about helping your dog live a happier,
healthier life.

And because healthy treats are such a crucial piece
of the puzzle…

I want to make sure price isn’t a barrier to making
that happen.

So today, when you order Alpha Bites - I’m going to drop the price to just £21.99
An instant saving of 12%!

But that’s only if you purchase Alpha Bites on this page - TODAY. And because so many people who try it, come back to stock up… my team has put together some even bigger discounts on bundle packs you can find below.

Which break down to just 22p per treat - with free shipping!

A bargain compared to so many “junk” treats out there. So if you’re ready to give your dog this revolutionary new product… Simply choose your package below to gain access to our secure checkout page.

Once you do, you’ll be on your way to helping your dog feel their very best.

But in the unlikely event they’re not DELIGHTED with Alpha Bites…

Or wouldn’t choose it over their current favourite treat…

You can send it back for a full refund - even if your bags are empty!

That’s how confident I am that Alpha Bites will be life-changing for your dog.

So if you’re ready - click the button below NOW to access this limited-time offer…

Because the ugly truth is - those problems your dog’s been facing? They used to be a life sentence. But now, they can be fixed! Yet left untreated, these issues can get worse…

And that’s why we’ve made it quick and easy to “treat your dog right” with Alpha Bites. After all, you love them dearly. The joy they bring you. The happy memories.

It’s as easy as clicking the button below. Which will take you to our secure checkout page so you can place an order.

But before you go… I just want to thank you for reading all this - that’s no mean feat! I can’t wait to hear amazing things from you and your dog.

Their path to upgraded nutrition starts right now…

To Your Dog’s Health & Happiness,


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What makes Alpha Bites Venison so unique?

Most dog treats include low-quality meat, additives, grains, and harmful preservatives. We wanted to produce a product that works for your dog, not against them. That’s why we created Alpha Bites Venison made using Devonshire raised deer. Using 100% human grade prime meat cuts. We then freeze-dry pieces to ensure minimal nutritional value is lost.

Why are these treats freeze dried?

We want every product to contain the maximum amount of nutrition for your dog. Lab tests have found freeze-drying retains 97% of original nutritional values. Compared with standard heat dry processing most dogs treats go through that retain only 60-70% of the nutritional value.

Do the treats need to be rehydrated before serving?

No. Every Alpha Bite is ready to eat as soon as you open the packet.

How many treats can I give my dog a day?

The number of Alpha Bites you should treat your dog with depends on their size.
For puppies up to 5kg, we recommend giving them 1-5 treats daily. For small dogs between 5 and 10kg, we suggest 5-12 treats. For medium dogs between 10 and 25kg, try 12-20 treats daily. And finally, if your dog weighs over 25 kilos…they could benefit from up to 25 treats a day.

What happens if my dog doesn’t like them?

We’re committed to making the easiest treats for all breeds and ages with Alpha Bites. Seeing it loved by even the pickiest eaters. However if your dog isn’t thrilled with this product or even if they wouldn’t choose it over their current favourite treat, then please get in touch with customer service to discuss our 100% money back guarantee.