Thousands Of UK Dog Owners Swear By It:
Top Vet’s Unusual Food Topper Gets Rid Of Most Dog Health Problems In 30 Days…Or Your Money Back

Are you feeding your dog right?

You might think so, but one British vet is urging dog owners to think again.

Why? Studies reveal 1 in 2 dogs seen by vets show signs of undernutrition. These signs include:

  • Itching
  • Increased allergies
  • Sloppy poops
  • Fur loss
  • Low energy
  • Joint pain
  • Bad smells

The shocking reason behind this “hidden epidemic” is clear:

Most pet food isn’t giving dogs the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

A recent study by the University of Nottingham confirms up to 94% of all dog food is missing vital nutrients.

This means even foods labelled “premium” or “grass-fed” are part of the problem.

But there is good news: One leading vet has discovered a surprisingly simple solution.

Meet Dr. Michael Lazaris. He’s successfully treated over 17,000 dogs, and shared his expertise on BBC News and Take A Break Pets magazine.

He’s found the best way to feed your dog has nothing to do with switching their current food, or using any medication:

“Simply adding a few natural foods to your dog’s current diet can produce incredible results.”

After years of research, he’s discovered the 40 most powerful superfoods for dog health.

To give any dog more energy, better digestion, pain-free joints and a shining skin and coat.

In fact, Dr. Michael says they could even add years to your dog’s life:

“These ingredients have been a real breakthrough for the dogs I look after…But sadly, they’re mostly missing from the British dog diet”

That’s why Dr. Michael blended all 40 of these rare ingredients into an easy scoop-and-sprinkle mix.

Making it easy for anyone to give their dog a lasting blast of nutrition.

The breakthrough formula is called Canine Prime, and its blend of rare ingredients make it unlike any other supplement.

Here are a few of them:

  • 1. Chlorella & Spirulina

    These 2 “ancient algaes” pack a nutritional punch. With rare minerals and vitamins to give your dog better digestion, stronger bones, and shining skin and hair.

    The best part is, Chlorella & Spirulina are powerful antioxidants. To give dogs boosted energy, and better heart health.

    That’s why the Aztecs ate TONS of this algae - it gave their messengers enough energy to run marathons!

    What’s more, Chlorella gives your dog “bulletproof” immunity. Helping them fight diseases and keep a clean bill of health.

  • 2. Japanese Mushrooms

    Canine Prime contains 3 Japanese mushrooms - Reishi, Shiitake & Maitake.

    Known as “mushrooms of immortality” in Japan - these remarkable funghi help Japanese dogs live up to four years longer than British ones.

    Remarkably, studies found these mushrooms are packed with powerful natural compounds.

    To give dogs healthy fur, smooth digestion, and even an 86% reduced cancer risk.

    Plus, these mushrooms are a natural mood booster. Because they help your dog make more serotonin - the “happy hormone”

    Better still, these mushrooms reduce risk of diabetes, obesity and arthritis.

  • 3. Probiotics

    Most dog food doesn’t contain the “friendly bacteria” dogs need to digest food.

    That’s why Dr. Michael packed a healthy dose of natural probiotics into Canine Prime. Every scoop contains 2 billion CFUs of friendly bacteria.

    To give any dog pain-free digestion, firm poop, and fresh breath.

    Studies show your dog’s gut impacts almost all areas of their health. That’s why these probiotics help dogs reduce anxiety, fight disease, and get rid of allergies.

In total, Canine Prime combines 40 different superfoods, probiotics, omega’s, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants. Working together to give your dog a blast of lasting nutrition.

“Miracle in a jar!”
Why Thousands Of Dog Owners Love Canine Prime

Canine Prime already has over a thousand five star reviews. Check out some of the incredible message dog owners have sent in:

She was limping, and had a sensitive stomach, skin and constantly itchy paws. WHAT a Miracle. She LOVES it. It's only been a week, but so far: NO limping, NO chewing paws (which was a daily occurrence) and great No '2s (was always hit and miss runny poo). I am so pleased so far and DEF would recommend it. Going to go on subscription for this.

My springer spaniel is 15 and has been having canine prime for 5 weeks now. I can't believe the difference in her! She's like she was 8 years ago. I used to have to wake her up. But now she's at the bottom of the stairs wagging her tail and woofing wanting to go out when I get up for work at 2.30am. She has a 4 hour walk with a group and still wants to play when she gets back. I've passed on to all I know who have dogs and told them to buy it and if no improvements then I will buy it off them. Magic powder.
Mandy T

Miracle in a jar! My Dobermann is thriving on Canine Prime. He’s more active than he's been in years. I'll be re subscribing. I swear by it. Can't thank Dr Lazarus and his team enough.

My almost 8 year year old Staffie was starting to slow down at agility, partly due to his epilepsy meds I think. I thought I would try him on Canine prime. He absolutely loves it, the bowl goes around the kitchen. He has been on it for about 2 months and he seems to have more energy, fewer poles down at training and not as tired at the end of the session, unlike me! He is more active during the day too and his coat is lovely and shiny too. Long may it continue.

In total, Canine Prime has helped over 50,000 dogs enjoy a new lease of life.

Dog owners say the price of Canine Prime makes it a NO-BRAINER!

It would be incredibly expensive (£200-300) to buy the 40 ingredients in Canine Prime separately.

But by working closely with producers, and selling direct to dog owners online - Dr. Michael has made Canine Prime available for just £49.95.

A small price to pay to secure your dog’s long-term health and happiness.

Plus, most dog owners use bundle packs to stock up on Canine Prime, and access bigger savings.

The best part is, your purchase is always protected by Dr. Michael’s 90-day “See The Difference Or It’s Free Guarantee”

Meaning if you don’t see the results you want in 3 months, you can get a full refund.

No questions asked (even if the jars are empty).

Exclusive Offer For Our Readers
Because Dr. Michael wants to help as many dogs as possible, he’s slashed the price of Canine Prime by up to 35%.

If you order today through this article, you can get Canine Prime for £39.95 (working out at £1.28 per day).

This is the lowest price that’s ever been available, so there’s a real risk they’ll run out of stock.

product image

Inside Canine Prime you'll find 40 of the world's most powerful nutrients for a dog. Each ingredient works to help your dog stop the causes of itching and scratching. Making it the most enjoyable and easy to use product on the market.

Really happy with this product

Buddy really likes the taste, I sprinkle it over his food. I have already seen a big difference, his pooh is firmer, he used to be quite sloppy. He also has a click knee which doesn't seem to be bothering him any where near as much

- Gillian from, Manchester

Canine Prime for Quincy and Pepsi

My 2 dogs are both loving the taste of this on their food. Eat every scrap of food and veg that I give them. They are both more energetic (except on rainy days when they don't like going out!), and have brighter eyes and glossier coats. Both seem in much better health all round, with no joint aches and pains either. Wish I had found this product earlier. Thank you so much.

- Jackie from, Portsmouth

Canine Prime

l started giving canine prime to my dog three years ago, because l wanted to make sure she was having enough nutrients and vitamins. She has a history of dislocating her hip and not being able to walk more than 1 lap of our athletic field. Now she does up to 7 laps and is always ready for more. And her coat is so soft and shiny. l love this product for her. She is 12 this year, but when we are walking she thinks she is a puppy and forgets we are two old ladies together. Thank you so much for producing this wonderful product.

- Wendy Hodges


Started my nearly 13yr old dog Bentley on this..I can't believe the difference in him. More lively/playing more/breath is amazing. His coat is so shiny too. He has a lot of fatty lumps and they seem to be's just amazing....i'd nearly take it myself!

- Glynis

This does exactly what it says

I read about canine prime and thought it's just another advertisement promising the earth and doing nothing - we've all been there. Then I read a review on mumsnet and decided to give it a try…guess what it's 100% genuine. My 9 yr old chihuahua has suffered for years with bad joints, shoulders, hips etc and he moulted constantly. Well after 5 days of use he is like a new dog again - bouncing around and not one hair is he losing. I am extremely impressed with this product. Highly recommend.

- Pat