“This Product TRANSFORMED My Cat’s Health!” UK Cat Owners Rave About Best-Selling Health Formula"

What’s the best way to heal your cat’s health?

Joint pain, poor digestion, appetite loss. Problems like these can be agony for your cat. While driving you to desperation.

So it’s no surprise pet companies try to cash in. Selling you ineffective tablets or medicines. Or “premium” pet foods which burn a hole in your wallet.

But amid all the flashy marketing, one honest voice stands out.

His name is Dr Michael Lazaris. A leading UK vet and feline health expert, who has successfully treated over 10,000 cats.

And he lives by a simple philosophy:

Pets over profit.

That’s why he spends his weekdays treating cats in his veterinary practice. His weekends volunteering with the RSPCA. And his evenings researching new ways to boost any cat’s health.

Because - throughout his career- he’s always followed one dream:

Help any owner heal their cat’s health at home.

And in the first covid lockdown, he made a major breakthrough. Creating something which brings together 10 years of research and discovery.

Which any owner can use in the comfort of their own home. To help their cat enjoy better joints, skin, fur, digestion and all-round energy.

It’s the world’s most advanced cat health formula:

Feline 40

A no-nonsense way to restore your cat’s health.

Combining 40 of the world’s most powerful feline superfoods, vitamins, enzymes and probiotics. In one easy-to-use “scroop and sprinkle” powder.

Which you can add to your cat’s food in just 30 seconds a day. To give them a new thrill of health from top to tail.

Every scoop of Feline 40 contains:

  • 🌊 Green Lipped Mussel: To strengthen your cat’s joints.
  • 🥩 Organic Beef Liver: To restore your cat’s energy
  • 🥒 2 billion C.F.U. of probiotics: To ease your cat’s digestion.
  • 🐈 Biotin - “the Rapunzel vitamin”: To give your cat a smooth and shiny coat.

Plus 36 more supernutrients - tailored to every aspect of your cat’s health.

And what’s more, it has a natural chicken flavour which any cat loves.

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Released last year, Feline 40 has already helped over 8000 cats. With owners rating it “Excellent” on TrustPilot.

And reporting major improvements to their cat’s health.

Ree from Bristol said: “My 11 year old Mia feels like a kitty again. Running round the house at 90 miles an hour!”

While Janet from Leeds said: “My 12 year old’s coat is silky and shiny. He has more energy, is more playful and overall happy and content.”

News of these transformations has blown Dr Michael away. And he wants no cat to miss out

So this Black Friday - he’s doing something unheard of:

Taking “Pets Over Profit” to the next level…

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This means, when you buy 1, 3 or 6 jars…

You’ll get double the number you ordered, absolutely free.

With the price breaking down to less than 82p a day!

To help your cat enjoy better joints, skin, fur, digestion and all-round energy.

What’s more, because Dr Lazaris made Feline 40 to boost any cat’s health. And not for profit. He’s signing a 3 month “money back” guarantee on every jar you buy:

See the difference in your cat’s health. Or you don’t pay a penny.

So - with absolutely no risk - why not give your cat Feline 40 today?

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Magic Dust

This stuff is magic dust! Our burmese boy is almost 15 and he's been on this powder for about 6 weeks now and WOW! What a difference! His fur is silky, he's gained some weight, and eats really well. No more problems below decks either.

Jan, from York

Better physical and mental health

My two 8 year old cats are brother and sister. And since taking Feline 40 they are healthier physically and mentally. Their coats are bushier and silkier, the thin patches of fur are bulking out, they are less scratchy and more relaxed l would recommend this to anyone as it works, and quickly, too.

Ros, from London

An Excellent Product

This powder has made such a difference to our 5 year old rescue cat.She has really blossomed and has become very active and interested in her toys and is more confident. This is an excellent product.

Carolyn, from Brighton

Feline 40 contains a unique blend of 40 powerful all-natural super-nutrients for complete cat health. Specifically formulated to help any cat see both an immediate and long term improvement to wellbeing. From a unique combination of probiotics, superfoods, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes for total cat health.

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Would Recommend

Our 11 year old visually impaired cat shows a marked perkiness after one month on F40. Has always had a silky coat but even that looks a bit glossier. She invites play, seems livelier and is generally more engaged with her life. Would recommend.

Anna, from Manchester

What a difference!

My cat is now 20 years old. He was sleeping most of the time ( as expected) and is a bit arthritic, so I thought I would try Feline 40. He has been on it for just one month and is now going for walks round the garden, his coat feels so different, he is eating better and generally is a much happier cat. I know that at his age each day is a bonus, but to see him so much more active now is so good.

Eileen, from Leicester