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  • The hidden threat fireworks pose to your cat’s health
  • Why “false fixes” like pheromone diffusers don’t work… And could even stress your cat more.
  • Why the only way to naturally keep cats calm is through science-backed nutrition
  • How Relax and Restore helps ANY cat feel calm, happy and anxiety-free

Vets say there are two types of cats on fireworks night…

  1. Those who show fear.
  2. Those who hide it.

The first type is most common. Making up 64% of cats, according to Cats Protection.

The second is rarer. They like to act tough. But inside, they’re just like other cats:


In fact, one major report calls fireworks an “under recognised” threat. Causing your cat severe anxiety.

Plus triggering “problem behaviours” like:

  • Hiding
  • Running away
  • Biting or swiping,
  • Scratching furniture
  • Toileting outside the litter tray

Red flags for deeper mental problems.

And sadly, that’s not all. Research from trauma experts reveals something deeply worrying:

Hearing loud explosions - like fireworks - can give your cat “shellshock”. Leaving behind a pet which is edgy, clingy, confused and constantly afraid…

A shadow of their true selves.

That’s why, this firework season, it’s vital to protect your cat from all the dangers facing them:

Put bluntly, you need to keep them calm, happy and anxiety-free.

Or you risk major health problems.

So What Are Your Options?

First, here’s what you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t buy your cat a pheromone diffuser. Study after study shows they don’t work.
  • Don’t feed them calming tablets. Cats hate eating anything strange or unfamiliar. So forcing a tablet down their throat will only stress them further.
  • Don’t give them anti-anxiety drugs. These will artificially “daze” your cat. Harming brain function over time.

Another common tip is to play music to “drown out the noise”.

This won’t work either.

Your cat’s hearing is 3 times stronger than yours. Meaning even if you can’t hear the fireworks…

They still can.

So what CAN you do to keep your cat calm?

This is a question Dr Michael Lazaris has studied at length.

He’s a leading UK vet and cat behaviour expert. Who’s helped over 10,000 cats live happier, healthier lives.

And now, he’s turning his attention to feline stress.

With an entirely new way to effectively treat your cat’s anxiety:

Relax + Restore

A natural, safe, and delicious chew which keeps ANY cat calm - fast going viral among cat owners.

Because while other products stress cats further. Or artificially daze them with brain-harming drugs.

Relax + Restore targets their anxiety at its real root cause:

Elevated cortisol levels.

Cortisol is your cat’s stress hormone. When they hear a sudden bang, it spikes. And as the fireworks keep booming, it reaches a danger zone.

Where it can cause anxiety-attacks, heart issues - even seizures.

So it’s vital to keep cortisol down.

Luckily, this is exactly what Dr Lazaris created Relax + Restore to do.

He combined 11 of the world’s most calming natural ingredients. Proven to lower any cat’s cortisol, while boosting their “happy hormones”.

And packed them in a tasty chew designed to soothe anxiety. Stop problem behaviours. And help your cat feel relaxed, happy and at ease.

So they can get through Fireworks Night anxiety-free.

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Released last year, Relax and Restore has already helped thousands of cats. With many owners swearing by its effectiveness:

And with 5 November fast approaching, Dr Lazaris is hard at work. He believes no cat should have to spend the evening shivering in fear.

So he’s putting Relax + Restore on a special Fireworks Night sale, exclusive to the readers of this page:

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What’s more, because he’s so confident Relax + Restore helps any cat feel calmer, happier and fear-free during fireworks…

He’s signing a 3 month “money back” guarantee on every jar you buy:

See the difference in your cat’s stress levels. Or you don’t pay a penny.

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Brilliant for an old cat

These work wonders. After trying 2 different products. 1. Which my cat hated to eat. 2. Didn’t do anything for my cat. I tried these, and I am very happy with how it turned out. No more anxiety or scratching at my furniture.

Pauline, from Leeds

Worked the first time

My rescue cat is scared of almost everything sadly. Well except my family. Nearly a year of disruption I decided to get these after seeing Michael’s message. I’m blown away! He is a lot more calm and doesn’t mind other people anymore. Highly rated.

Jodie, from London

What we have been looking for

Bought for my cat who gets agitated easily, and then has problems coming back to earth. Product had an almost instant effect, after the third time of taking. Definitely more chilled. So fingers crossed it will continue to help.

Harry, from Bristol

Huge helper

Saw this advertised online and was unsure about buying.. The guarantee helped. Instantly made a massive difference to Bella my British Longhair. A lot more peaceful than when not using them. Buying again.

Mary, from Carlisle

He likes them, I like them

Bought these because of an upcoming vet appointment. Our vet who we have been seeing for years said it was his calmest appointment yet.

Graham, from Brighton