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What's Inside Every Jar


How To Use

Step 1

Collect one full scoop of Feline 40 using the spoon inside each jar.

Step 2

Then sprinkle the formula over the top of your cat's food.

Step 3

Mix the powder around to spread evenly throughout the food, adding water where needed to dry kibble.

Do I Have To Change The Food I Buy?

Feline 40 is designed to work with any cat food or type. That means you don't have to change your cat's food. Whether your cat eats raw, kibble, canned or any other, the 40 ingredients inside Feline 40 works with all of them to help cats live their longest, healthiest life possible.

When Will My Cat See A Difference?

The best thing about this formula is that your cat is going to feel it very quickly. While each cat is different, most of our customers report visible improvement within a week of starting. It may take longer for some than for others, but you'll first likely notice smoother joints, a leaner figure, shinier coat, fewer bad odours, better digestion, and more energy. And even bigger benefits over the longer term. Something both you and noticeably your cat is going to want a lot more of every-time they see the jar come out.

Customer Reviews

My cats loves Feline 40 when she sees the jar come out...
My cats love it when I pull the jar out or we get a new one in the post. I've never seen them so excited for their food before. They adore Feline 40. And my cat looks so much better since starting.
Tyler R.Nov 2, 2021 Verified Reviewer
Incredible Difference!
I've been so happy with the product. It is exactly what I hoped it would be and I feel my 15 yr. old cat is doing better than she has in years since taking Feline 40. She doesn't shed like she did and her coat is shinny and soft. She is way more bright-eyed and playful. So good I have told many friends about it.
Megan Y.Aug 11, 2021 Verified Reviewer
The first time I ordered Feline 40
The first time I ordered Feline 40 I saw a difference within 3 days. I have a most common cat breed ragdoll, cat whose joints getting on/off the couch and going outside are getting bad. Since she has been on this I don't see her in pain anymore. Thank you so much for getting me my happy cat back Dr. Lazaris!
Hannah A.Jul 25, 2021 Verified Reviewer

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