“This TRANSFORMED My Dog’s Health!” UK Dog Owners Raving About Top Vet’s New Formula

This Black Friday, Dr. Michael has a special surprise for all dog owners

What’s the best way to improve your dog’s health?

Joint pain, poor digestion, low energy. Problems like these can be agony for your dog. While driving you to desperation.

So it’s no surprise pet companies try to cash in. Selling you ineffective tablets or medicines. Or “premium” dog foods which burn a hole in your wallet.

But amid all the flashy marketing, one honest voice stands out:

His name is Dr Michael Lazaris. A leading UK vet and dog health expert, who has successfully treated over 18,000 dogs.

And he lives by a simple philosophy:

Pets over profit.

That’s why he spends his weekdays treating dogs in his veterinary practice. His weekends volunteering with the RSPCA. And his evenings researching new ways to boost any dog’s health.

Because - throughout his career - he’s always chasing one dream:

To help any owner give their dog a longer, happier life.

And in the first Covid-19 lockdown, he made a major breakthrough. Creating something which brings together 10 years of research and discovery.

Which any owner can use in the comfort of their own home. To help their dog enjoy better joints, skin, fur, digestion and all-round energy.

It’s the world’s most powerful dog health formula:

Canine Prime

A no-nonsense way to restore your dog’s health.

Combining 40 of the world’s most powerful canine superfoods, vitamins, enzymes and probiotics. In one easy-to-use “scroop and sprinkle” powder.

Which you can add to your dog’s food in just 30 seconds a day. To give them a new thrill of health from top to tail.

Every scoop of Canine Prime contains:

  • 🌊 Green Lipped Mussel: To strengthen your dog’s joints
  • 🥩 Organic Beef Liver: To restore your dog’s playful energy
  • 🧬 2 billion CFUs of Probiotics: To ease your dog’s digestion.
  • 🐕 Biotin - “the Rapunzel vitamin”: To give your dog a smooth, glossy coat.

Plus 36 more supernutrients - tailored to support all areas of your dog’s health.

What’s more, it has a natural bacon flavour which even the fussiest dogs love.

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Today thousands of dogs stay healthy with Canine Prime

Released last year, Canine Prime has already helped over 50,000 UK dogs. With owners rating it “Excellent” on TrustPilot.

And reporting “top to tail differences” to their dog’s health…

Rachelle from Stratford said: “It’s only been a week, but so far NO limping, NO chewing paws, and both have great No 2s (was always hit and miss runny poo)”

And Clare from Ayrshire said: “I’m gobsmacked – Maisie’s arthritis is hardly noticeable anymore! Plus, they both LOVE to eat it. Even Walter who is so fussy”

Plus, Nick from London reports: “My 13 year old terrier has a shinier coat, and brighter outlook. He now keeps up with dogs half his age!”

News of these transformations has blown Dr Michael away. And he wants no dog to miss out

So this Black Friday - he’s doing something unheard of:

Taking “Pets Over Profit” to the next level…

And Doubling Your Jars of Canine Prime For Free

This means, when you buy 1, 3 or 6 jars…

You’ll get double the number you ordered, absolutely free.

With the price breaking down to less than 82p a day!

To help your dog enjoy better joints, skin, fur, digestion and all-round energy.

What’s more, because Dr Lazaris made Canine Prime to boost any dog’s health. And not for profit. He’s signing a “90 Day Money Back Guarantee” for every jar you buy

See incredible differences in your dog’s health…or I’ll give your money back!

So - with absolutely no risk - why not give your dog Canine Prime today?

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100% money back guarantee

We work hard to formulate the most advanced, all-natural pet products available - which is why every purchase is protected by our See The Difference or It's Free Guarantee! We want you to make a decision in complete confidence. Knowing if your dog doesn't experience a significant improvement you can send back the jars, even if they are empty, any time within 90 days and we'll pay back 100% of your purchase.

Inside Canine Prime you'll find 40 of the world's most powerful nutrients for dog health. To help your best friend enjoy a longer, happier life.

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This has to be magic powder!

Since having Canine Prime sprinkled on his dinner, my black Labradors coat is so shiny. He always used to limp after a walk and chasing his ball but not since being on the powder for a few days. He loves the flavour and looks forward to dinner time!!

Michaela, from London

Really Happy With This Product

Buddy really likes the taste, I sprinkle it over his food. I have already seen a big difference, his pooh is firmer, he used to be quite sloppy. He also has a click knee which doesn't seem to be bothering him anywhere near as much

Gillian, from Manchester

Very Promising Results

My 14 year old collie Skye has been on Canine Prime for two weeks and is much more active and seems in much less discomfort from his arthritis. He is going on much longer walks quite happily. He has always had a really shiny coat and this has been enhanced by using Canine Prime. He seems to like the taste of the powder and he eats all his meals as soon as they are put down to him. Will continue with the powder and see how my beautiful boy progresses. Thank you for a very good product which is helping my best pal.

Jan from, Liverpoo

Dog LOVES it!

He absolutely loves it, the bowl goes around the kitchen! He’s got more energy, knocks fewer poles down at training and is not as tired at the end of the session, unlike me! He is more active during the day too and his coat is lovely and shiny too. Long may it continue.

Tracey from, Edinburgh

Canine Prime for Quincy and Pepsi

My 2 dogs are both loving the taste of this on their food. Eat every scrap of food and veg that I give them. They are both more energetic (except on rainy days when they don't like going out!), and have brighter eyes and glossier coats. Both seem in much better health all round, with no joint aches and pains either. Wish I had found this product earlier. Thank you so much.

Jackie, from Portsmouth