Selling Like Wildfire”: Cat Owners Fight To Get Hold Of “Miracle” New Health Supplement

A few of the thousands of cat owners raving about Feline 40

Among UK cat owners, the word is out. About a new cat health supplement rapidly changing lives:

Feline 40

So far, this exciting new product has a fanbase of 8000 delighted owners. Raving about “incredible” improvements like:

  • Stronger joints
  • Smoother digestion
  • A soft shiny coat
  • Boundless energy

But What Makes Feline 40 So Effective?

Feline 40 was formulated by “genius” vet Dr Michael Lazaris.

He’s a global authority in cat nutrition, who’s helped heal over 10,000 cats. Including many others called “untreatable”.

And he created Feline 40 after having a revolutionary idea:

What if your cat ate the perfect diet?

Dr Lazaris is a global authority in cat health. He's devoted his life to finding new ways to help cats live longer

Rich in vitamins and minerals. Full of powerful superfoods. And containing every nutrient their body needs to thrive.

  • It would make their eyes brighter, their mood better and their health flourish
  • It would ease many of their problems, and make others disappear entirely
  • Best of all, it could even help them live years longer

That's why Dr Lazaris created Feline 40

With 40 of the world's healthiest superfoods, vitamins, enzymes and probiotics. Selected for their high nutrient content.

Blended into a delicious chicken-flavoured powder. Which you can scoop onto your cat’s food in just 30 seconds a day.

To give them the perfect feline diet - without changing their food.

Every scoop of Feline 40 contains:

  • Green Lipped Mussel: To give your cat smooth, supple joints
  • Organic Beef Liver: To boost their energy
  • 2 billion C.F.U. of probiotics: To support their digestion
  • Biotin: The “Rapunzel Vitamin” - to give them a soft and shiny coat

Plus 36 more health-boosting ingredients. Such as carrots, calcium and organic chicken:

To support your cat’s eyes, teeth, bones and muscles.

In short, Feline 40 gives your cat the fuel they need to thrive. Which is why many vets agree:

It’s one of the best ways to improve your cat’s health today

Released last year, Feline 40 has already blown thousands of owners away. With hundreds rating it “Excellent” on Trustpilot.

These owners have often tried everything. From tablets like YuMove to premium pet foods. And they always say “I was sceptical at first…”

But before long, they notice incredible changes:

  • With many of their cats’ problems disappearing within weeks
  • And an all-round improvement in their cat’s mood and energy levels.

Dr Lazaris is humbled. He believes every cat deserves the gift of better health. So he’s arranged a special “new customer” offer.

To help you get Feline 40 for a massively knocked-down price - far lower than the £69.95 retailers quoted him.

For you, this price is just £34.95

Which means you can give your cat the perfect feline diet. Full of healthy foods like organic chicken, beef liver and green-lipped mussel…

For only £1.12 per day - less than the price of a bag of treats!

Give Your Cat Feline 40 For Just £1.12 Per Day

And if you want to save even more, you have two amazing options:

  1. You can stock up with Dr. Lazaris’ best-selling bundle deals. For even bigger discounts.
  2. Or select the popular “Subscribe & Save” option for an extra 10% off. And a fresh jar of Feline 40 posted to you every month

But whatever deal you choose, Dr Lazaris is clear:

If You Don’t See An Improvement To Your Cat’s Health, You Won’t Pay A Penny

Dr Lazaris created Feline 40 to help every cat feel better health. So he’s offering a 90 money back guarantee on every jar you buy.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with Feline 40 - return your empty jars. For a full and fast refund.

So - with absolutely no risk - why not give your cat the health they’ve always dreamed of?

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Feline 40 contains a unique blend of 40 powerful all-natural super-nutrients for complete cat health. Specifically formulated to help any cat see both an immediate and long term improvement to wellbeing. From a unique combination of probiotics, superfoods, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes fortotal cat health.

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Magic Dust

This stuff is magic dust! Our burmese boy is almost 15 and he's been on this powder for about 6 weeks now and WOW! What a difference! His fur is silky, he's gained some weight, and eats really well. No more problems below decks either.

Jan, from York

Better physical and mental health

My two 8 year old cats are brother and sister. And since taking Feline 40 they are healthier physically and mentally. Their coats are bushier and silkier, the thin patches of fur are bulking out, they are less scratchy and more relaxed l would recommend this to anyone as it works, and quickly, too.

Ros, from London

An Excellent Product

This powder has made such a difference to our 5 year old rescue cat.She has really blossomed and has become very active and interested in her toys and is more confident. This is an excellent product.

Carolyn, from Brighton

Would Recommend

Our 11 year old visually impaired cat shows a marked perkiness after one month on F40. Has always had a silky coat but even that looks a bit glossier. She invites play, seems livelier and is generally more engaged with her life. Would recommend.

Anna, from Manchester

What a difference!

My cat is now 20 years old. He was sleeping most of the time ( as expected) and is a bit arthritic, so I thought I would try Feline 40. He has been on it for just one month and is now going for walks round the garden, his coat feels so different, he is eating better and generally is a much happier cat. I know that at his age each day is a bonus, but to see him so much more active now is so good.

Eileen, from Leicester