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A new dog health breakthrough is helping dogs all across the UK…

Dogs struggling with serious health problems. Like itching, joint pain, bad breath and low energy.

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It couldn’t be easier to use Canine Prime: simply sprinkle one scoop of this powder on your dog’s normal food.

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Watch the videos below to discover how Canine Prime helped these 5 dog owners.


Happy Harry’s Amazing Transformation

Harry the border collie was cruelly neglected for 13 years.

But Canine Prime helped him make a jaw-dropping recovery.

Hear his incredible story from Susie, his owner:

Canine Prime made “top to tail differences” for Harry within weeks, giving him:

  • Boundless energy
  • Pain-free joints
  • Shining skin
  • A beautiful silky coat
  • Reduced anxiety

“It just shows how their health can come back, no matter what age”

Canine Prime contains 40 incredible super-nutrients. Including probiotics, superfoods, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes.

That’s why this formula is helping more and more dogs like Harry every day.


Trooper The Dachshund

Trooper was slowing down with age. But Canine Prime quickly banished his arthritis and more!

Trooper’s owner, Virginia, is delighted she can enjoy every day with Trooper:

“I’ve never seen anything so immediate… It’s obviously improved his joints. Now he can walk 7 miles a day!”

These changes come thanks to Canine Prime’s high levels of Green Lipped Mussel.

A rare superfood from New Zealand with remarkable anti-inflammatories.

Which studies show can reduce canine arthritis by a whopping 70%! 1

And that’s only 1 of 40 incredible super-nutrients in Canine Prime. All for less than £1.13 per day.


Nala’s “New Energy”

Nala the bull terrier could barely get up the stairs.

Her owner decided to try Canine Prime. And was impressed by Nala’s transformation…

Amazingly, Nala now enjoys 2 walks a day! And she’s in much less pain.


Poppy’s “Squeaky Tummy” Is A Thing Of The Past

Does your dog struggle with painful digestion, sloppy poops or grass-eating?

Canine Prime could bring back their healthy digestion. Like it did for Poppy:

That’s because Canine Prime is packed with special probiotics and prebiotics. Giving your dog 2 billion CFUs of friendly bacteria in every scoop.


Tilly’s Shining Coat

We get hundreds of 5-star reviews. And nearly all mention one thing:

How Canine Prime gives your dog a beautiful, soft-to-touch coat!

What do you think about Tilly’s fur?

Good nutrition is the secret to smooth skin and a silky coat. And thanks to Canine Prime’s natural bacon flavour…

It’s never been easier to give your dog what they need.

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