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Recent Reviews Of
Gut Rehab Formula

For months had been experiencing considerable abdominal discomfort (low level pain and a constant pressure) I can quite honestly (as a personal observation) say that my facial skin is less firey than it had been…

My tummy is so much less upset than previously. My not saying depressive outlook has improved considerably. So all in all taking these pills along with trying harder within myself appears to be making a difference with my well-being.

Brian K. (10/10/2022)

I have not been in a good place with my gut for some time now, and this was made worse by catching the original strain of Covid 19.

I could almost feel it attacking every inch of my digestive system as it progressed. Recovery was slow and my digestion has suffered accordingly, despite my efforts to maintain a good diet, as it seemed that almost everything that I ate was upsetting my system and causing me to have IBS flare-ups.

I stumbled across Gut Rehab whilst trawling the Internet for a solution, as my GP could offer little, that being when I could even get an appointment.

I was somewhat sceptical about these little white capsules, so ordered one bottle, as certain things do not sit well with me, and didn’t want to end up spending a lot on something which I wouldn’t be able to use.

I could not believe how quickly some normality has been restored. I am feeling more comfortable than I have done for ages, with fewer flare-ups and “normal” trips to the bathroom. I still have to avoid some foods, but as things improve, I am hoping to add things to my diet, so fingers crossed. Keep taking the tablets, as they say…

Janine H. (08/10/2022)

I have suffered digestive problems for many years without understanding the true cause. Having recently read about the advertised, research,benefits and results of Physical Nutrition I decided it give it a try.

To be honest I was sceptical.However, although it’s early days with my use, and only my second month, the results to date have been remarkable.

I’m no longer having recurring digestive issues and feel much more energised and positive as a result.

My second month order is on its way and long may the results continue.

I’ve recommended this product to a friend and hopefully he’ll achieve similar results

Michael C.️ (5/10/2022)